- As any club or company, we also have our own rules, which help us to give the best service during all the time since we started.


Be on time.

- Real men cherish their own time, as well as the time other people;

- It is better to come 5-10 minutes earlier before Your appointment – without stress and rush. You can drink coffee, read some

magazines and experience the atmosphere;

- Be on time to receive the best possible service and the whole procedure;

- If Your being late will negatively affect the scheduled procedure, barber can cancel Your visit. But we will gladly find a solution and

the best time for Your next appointment.

Please be patient, if You need to wait extra couple minutes.

- If the barber is still adding the final touches for someone else’s haircut, it may be because the first rule was not followed or because

of other different reasons. On the part of Wood Religion Barber Shop we have created an amazing atmosphere, so You can rest and

enjoy a cocktail while You wait.

Give Yourself some time.

- Spend some time for Yourself and relax – You deserve that. At one moment we even thought of making a special place for phones,

which blocks all the signals but decided not to do that. Sometimes I think it was a great idea because why use a phone when You can

forget about duties for a while;

- To be an overcomer sometimes You need to rest.

Disrespect to the family.

- If You are disrespectful towards the “family” of Wood Religion, we can refuse to provide our services. And the amount of money will

not make any difference;

- Any kind of discrimination is restricted in Wood Religion: all people are equal.

Haircut and Beard.

- Barber has the right to refuse to do a haircut which contradicts our understanding of a beautiful and high-quality haircut;

- Haircut is our product, it is our image and an advert when You walk the streets. Our task is for You to look excellent;

- What we don’t do: We don’t color grey hair, because grey hair is beautiful; "Trashbag" (Google it); Hairtatoos, lizards, etc.


- Wood Religion is a men’s club and women presence is not suggested. There is one exception: women who are WR employees;

- What to answer to a woman who wants to come together with You (of course she doesn’t have to know where You are going


- “I am not going with you to your hair salon, sun-tan or manicure”;

- “Hey, women can’t go there”;

- “Next time” – it will always be a “next time”.

Ask your barber or the shop manager about funny stories that happened when women were present in Wood Religion.

P.S. We do love women.

What to ask from Your barber!

- Make sure You ask your barber to teach You what’s the best and most effective way to style Your hair. Because after that it will only

take 1 minute to style it, and Your hairstyle will keep it’s shape for a good while – even until Your next visit;

- Free welcome drink (whiskey, beer, water) and everything we can offer at the moment of Your visit;

- To explain why this hairstyle is good specifically for You, why it suits You and what emphasis does it make. The same with a beard;

- Communication. After some time You will find Your barber, everyone here is special and different, and is very interesting.

Other rules and suggestions.

- If we think that You’ve had too much to drink, we have the right to refuse to give You another beverage – this is what care is all about;

- Yes, we are always fully booked and we are very happy about that – that demonstrates Your trust towards us, and this is already

happening for 7 years, and we will try to be even better. It is important to understand that at this moment there are 5 places in Riga and

many barbers work at the same time;

- We have 3 brands: Wood Religion, Knockout Barber Shop and Rosenwald Shoes.

- It is more effective to make an appointment in advance, but even if You call us at the last moment, we will always try to make an

appointment for You in one of our places;

- Yes, it is very difficult to become an employee at our place. But there is a saying – „You can train any person to do a certain job, but

You can’t train a person to be a good one”;

- If You have any questions, our task is to help You - we are here for You;

- Because Wood Religion is a popular place, it is possible that there will be photographers, cinematographers as well as celebrities and

well-known people. Please, consider this with understanding;

- What happens in a Barber Shop stays in the Barber Shop.



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