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A gift card in our barber shops, that are the first male barber shops in Latvia - it is the best gift for men in all ages.
Our professional specialists will understand your wishes and will choose and realize the desired hair style.

- all kinds of classic cuts
- beard and mustache modelling
- cosmetics and also tips for shaving
- brutal and stylish interior

A truly manly atmosphere, new contacts and traditions made in years. Western barber shop culture right in the centre of Riga. A gift like that will not leave anyone half-hearted. Jazz music, authentic look and exquisite cocktails that will leave every visit a special event. 


Men's Haircut - 30 €

Hair washing with styling - 15 €

Beard trim - 18 €

Children's hair cut - 25€

Royal Shave - 30 €

During an hour long procedure you are going to enjoy a traditional process with the use of facial oils and face massage.

Procedure takes 30 minutes and is done in combination with another procedure.

Whiskey, beer and coffee at our expense.

We not only choose the most suitable haircut, but

also we are going to teach you how to maintain it

until your next visit. 

We are going to help you choose the perfect beard shape for you to accentuate the strongest feautures of your beard. The service is provided with shaving using a shaving knife and procedures including the use of hot and cold towels, and more

Head shave - 22 €

Purifying Black mask - 10 €


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