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Founded in 2013  by Edgar Rosenwald.

«Wood Religion" was the first barber shop to open in Latvia. 


Our fundamental values include love for our clients, high quality service, and upholding long standing traditions. 


Wood Religion is truly a legendary place, and can be ranked amongst other "must visit" attractions in Riga, such as tasting sweets

at «Laima", taking a walk around Latvia's Freedom Monument, and drinking authentic Rīgas Balzams. 

Your trip to Riga will not be complete unless you visit the oldest barber shop in Latvia. You have come to the right place. 



"Wood Religion Barber Shop is a
Men’s club, a Community, First-class Barber Shop for men, and now You can even call it a Movement. 

From the very beginning Wood Religion had a phenomenal success and a lot of attention from the mass media, lovers and appreciators of true men’s culture both in Latvia and abroad. 

When I was creating Wood Religion Barber Shop brand, I was firmly confident that we will be able to make an investment in the development of men’s culture in Latvia, as well as overseas. It is a big responsibility to be the first one, but it was unbelievably interesting to start something like this. It is hard to believe but in 2013 no one knew what a Barber Shop was, noone knew how to shave, there were no professional cosmetic products in the market specially for men, and men had to suffer getting their hair done in hair salons for women. I became the first barber in our country, now You can see what it ended up with. Thank You for Your trust, and I wish You to have a fantastic time in our family. We offer You the best shaves and haircuts by our barbers, unique cosmetics, shoe shop, cocktail-bar and first-class service.

Sincerely Yours,

Edgar Rosenwald"

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